To provide and deliver unprecedented simple solutions deemed necessary for businesses without compromising quality and price

To include the element of relationship in business to enhance loyalty and customer satisfaction

Our system is governed by character, attitudes and values.  Our skills are developed with pure and simple intentions and we are fuelled by our desire and passion towards an objective.  

Founded and established by Andronico “Andrew” Del Rosario and October 1997 under the name Homera Décor Contracting, based in Sharjah, U.A.E.;

Office has moved to Dubai in 2005 thus company name was changed to Art Venture Art & Design Production And Now as the business developed The Name "For Art Sake" emerged.

ArtFx Creative Solutions was established in Toronto, Ontario Canada, providing similar services to various production companies particularly in the field of TV commercials and mini-series (seasonal).  

Incorporated In 2007 as ArtVenture Design LLC.
A privately owned business founded by Andronico “Andrew” Del Rosario.  With more than 15 years of experience in set design and construction services, graphics and window displays, scenic paintings and backdrop, 3D characters, etc.

The founder is fully committed to provide creative materials that are neither conventional nor ordinary and to deliver solutions based on the client’s needs particularly in the field of art. 


Custom built props for commercial sets, television, theatre, feature films, fashion shows, corporate events;

Building sets, providing  production materials and services, props, special effects for film production companies, advertising agencies, events and creative companies, photography, promotional ads and campaigns;